Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

Directions for Our Times

As given to Anne, a lay apostle
Conversations with
The Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

September 1, 2003
My child, with such gratitude I view your
efforts. I am here, waiting in the tabernacle
to thank you and encourage you. You
are trying to serve Me in your life and it is
not always easy to do this. Until a complete
union or surrender occurs, you continue
to wrestle with the pull of the world
and worldly attractions and distractions.
This creates conflict in you because I am
calling you in another direction. This
conflict makes you feel discouraged, dear
one, but you should not allow this feeling.
There is not growth without some bit of
discomfort. So, when you feel unsettled
and you long for old habits, remember
that you used those habits to console
yourself in emptiness. I am now filling
that emptiness for you so you do not need
to rely on these things anymore. Worldly
habits or addictions did not make you
happy, My little soul. You felt unrest and
bitterness without Me. Now, with Me, you
are beginning to experience true peace,
the peace which comes from heaven. This
is a sign that your soul is directing the
movement and action of your body, which
is how man is intended to live. The body is
under your dominion, or the dominion of
Volume Two
your soul, and the soul, your precious and
irreplaceable soul, is under My dominion.
In this way, in this small corner, the
world is as it should be. You belong to Me,
My child, and I have defended you
fiercely, despite your temporary indifference
to Me. We will keep moving forward
now with our movement toward unity. You
may feel as though you are moving quite
swiftly in these spiritual matters. Do not
fear this haste as I am personally determining
the speed at which I need you to
ascend. In days past, perhaps your conversion
would be more gentle and
leisurely. I do not will that now and it is
not what I require. I need My soldiers prepared
quickly. Because I am God, and all
created things bow to Me, I can do this
with a soul like yours who seeks to assist
Me and please Me.
My child, never be afraid of holiness.
When you doubt, look to your duty and
remain calm until I desire to erase your
doubts. You will carry small crosses of
fear and doubt at times, but that is,
again, more practice, and these little
exercises are good for your soul. Make
small acts of faith to Me and the doubts
will lose their power to distract you from
My service during your days.
Eucharistic Heart of Jesus
I am with you, My little souls, and We
have discussed exactly what I mean when
I say that. You are with Me and We move
purposefully through your life together.
Look for opportunities to serve Me in the
people I place in your path. If you sense
that I need you to assist a soul, let your
spirit go quiet while I place the proper
inspirations in your heart and mind.
Then you may respond to the need in this
soul for Me, and My word, My presence,
will have been achieved. Dear little soul,
so willing to serve Me, can you imagine
your world if even a small number begin
to live this way? Your world would change
and that is what I am seeking to accomplish.
Be at peace. Your God is pleased.

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